Introduction to the Game of Chess

The game of chess is a recreational activity that involves two people competing on a board game. Chess is undoubtedly one of the world's most popular board games, as shown by its official organizational structure and huge involvement in competitive events.


The objective of the chess game is to capture the opponent's king, using the chess pieces assigned to the player. Checkmate, which is a term used to describe a captured king, is when the king cannot be positioned anywhere to defend itself.

A player can also resign and relinquish the chess game to the opponent if the former does not to pursue the game any further, in which the latter wins the game.

The Chess Board

The chess board is comprised of white and singly-colored squares, forming the more familiar checkered pattern. Both white and colored squares are arranged alternately forming sixty-four squares, with eight squares on each of the four sides.

The Pieces

There are, in total, thirty-two chess pieces situated on the chess board. Each player has sixteen chess pieces, mirroring that of each other with only a difference in color. Basically, there is a standardized chess set that is used in official tournaments, although in more informal games players might use chess pieces that do not look similar to the standardized version at all.

In the standardized version, the king is the tallest piece on the board, and is recognizable with a cross on its topmost layer. Next, the queen has a slender wooden figure that bears a small, round sphere instead of a cross. The bishops have pointed heads, representing the formal headgears of modern bishops. The knights bear a horse-shaped figure, while the rooks have castle-shaped figures with flat tops. The pawn is often the shortest piece and has the roundest head among all the pieces. Each chess piece has a distinctive move that can be used to achieve the overall objective of the game, which is to capture the king.


The game of chess is a widely-recognized recreational game that even has its own set of official rules and a governing organization. The World Chess Federation is responsible for the official rules of chess, as well as its official tournaments that are globally recognized. Players who participate in tournaments arranged by the World Chess Federation (FIDE, as translated in French) are eligible for the Grandmaster title, the highest possible title one can earn from chess.

However, there are more laid-back venues for playing chess. Online and land-based chess clubs hold games on a regular basis, where players interact and learn from each other at the same time.

It is also said that regular chess players have exceptional ability on analysis, logical reasoning and critical thinking´┐Żall of which are tools for effective problem solving.

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